magazineshunt.comPoker with friends: the basic rules for everything going well. Everyone looks forward to friends get together so that some fun activities can be done so that the occasion becomes memorable for a long time. Playing a game of poker with friends is particularly enjoyable. However, the characters of each other can make the game a little tense. Here are some rules to follow so that everything goes well. If you are serious about Poker terpercaya, then do not wait any longer to visit this amazing online poker site.

Quality equipment and friendly bets

Clearly, it is paramount to have quality gaming equipment. As such, it is recommended to have a new deck of cards that is open in front of everyone. In addition to showing paw, it will also achieve a little staging for everyone to be in the poker mood.

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Similarly, take the time to distribute the chips to avoid all forms of cheating. Also, be sure to indicate the value of the tokens as many times as necessary. A small detail that is important: place seats adapted to the table and install a game mat for comfort. Often, there are 3 types of chair and a carpet look, which takes some pleasure out of the game.

Carefully bet while playing

Regarding bets, money is and will always be the worst enemy of a friendship. In such a context, be careful not to accept that astronomical sums are wagered. Otherwise, the pension will be palpable and the game “between friends” will lose all meaning. Even against a “friend”, you will not want to lose several hundred euros. The importance of the Cellars is therefore paramount (as are the reminders).

Payment of places for the game

In the same vein, it is very important to define before the start of the game, and clearly, the payment of seats. That is to say who earns money and in what proportion. For example, in a 6-player game, the top 2 players are paid; if it is a 10-player game, the first 3 places are paid. So, no story at the end of the game.

In short, the respect is put and do not forget that it is the parties of poker between friends which will make you progress the most …

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